Thrombosis Treatment

When there is a blood clot in the arteries or veins, then this situation gets termed as thrombosis. In such situations, one should immediately look for thrombosis treatment. This is due to the body’s ability of defense from bleeding that later result in the formation of blood clots or thrombosis.

Most common are the deep vein thrombosis that take place in deep veins in legs. When chemical reaction takes place between proteins and blood cells in a series, then this situation leads to the development of blood clots. The blood cells act as platelets, and proteins act as factors contributing the formation of blood clots. Factors and platelets get the responsibility to process the regulation of thrombosis as and when required by the body. They control start and stop of clotting.

Thrombosis treatment may not always work in a patient. However, it is an important thing to get the thrombosis treatment and diagnosis for blood clot, once a person detects any symptom. On the other hand, any symptoms are hardly there for this disease. The process works by a series of clots formation in the blood vessels causing disruption the flow of blood to other parts of the body. This will also block the flow of blood to the tissues that surrounds the area.

Clots are of two types, and their effects and occurrence depends a lot on the location in which they appear.  First is the arterial thrombosis that occurs in the arteries, and primarily in the brain or heart causing stroke or heart attack respectively. Second is the venous thrombosis that occurs in deep veins. These deep vein clots can cause severe pain and swelling on the body.

Chances are there for these clots to travel or shift to other parts of the body at any time during their occurrence. When they will travel or shift to other parts, then it becomes obvious that it will cause blockage in that particular spot. This situation can be termed as embolus. To cope with such situations a person should immediately look for thrombosis treatment. Many treatment methods are there that have been mentioned below:

  • Heparin – This is an anticoagulant that acts very quickly on the clot. The patient gets heparin in a hospital by inserting a needle on the veins. It can also be given by injecting insulin into the body. This is the main part of this treatment. Patient should make sure that he gets through the complete thrombosis treatment procedure.
  • Warfarin – It is a pill and patients will have to take it with water. Many reasons are there why doctors suggest patients to take warfarin during the thrombosis treatment. It depends a lot on the state of blood clots. Some patients will take it on a weekly basis for a few weeks, and some might be required to take this pill throughout their life.
  • Low molecular weight heparins – It is a lot easy to use LMWH in comparison to heparins. Patients can get the treatment at home, and they do not require any kind of monitoring to be done on them.
Thrombosis Treatment
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A blood clot that develops in blood vessels can be termed as thrombosis, obstructing the flow of blood through the circulatory system. It is very important to get thrombosis treatment and diagnosis for blood clot, once a person detects any thrombosis disease or symptoms.

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