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Arterial Thrombosis

Arterial Thrombosis 5 (100%) 13 votes Arterial Thrombosis and its pathogenesis are dynamic and complex. Dissimilar to venous thrombi, the category of thrombosis usually form under high blood flow conditions, and are chiefly composed of aggregates of platelet, which give

External Hemorrhoid Thrombosis

External Hemorrhoid Thrombosis 5 (100%) 7 votes Vascular structures that helps in controlling the stool gets termed as hemorrhoid. These structures are there in the anal duct. When swollen or put to inflammation, then they will become pathological. External hemorrhoids

Coronary Thrombosis

Coronary Thrombosis 4.8 (96%) 15 votes Coronary Thrombosis is one of the major heart diseases occurring due to blood clots in the coronary arteries of the heart. The human heart is bounded by 3 chief coronary arteries, which are responsible

Thrombosis Disease

Thrombosis Disease 4.57 (91.43%) 7 votes A blood clot that develops in blood vessels can be termed as thrombosis. When the arteries or veins get blocked, then this results in the creation of a blood clot in that area. The